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LiveOHS offers various facets of compliance which include, but are not limited to:

Contractor OHS Compliance

Development of Health and Safety files based on the client CHS, implementation of project OHS plan and related documents, internal audits, attendance of client audits, informal training with staff, assessment of training requirements and recommendations for further training, contractor, evaluations, approval and monthly auditing, and OHS inspections and reporting.

Development and Implementation of OHS Systems

Let LiveOHS help you with assessments and implementation of OHS systems for your office, construction site, manufacturing facility, food production facility or residences (student or other).

Incident investigation and recommendations for remedial actions

LiveOHS offers the following: detailed incident investigation and reporting, reporting to DoL, recommendations for remedial actions, as well as formal assessment to ensure that the remedial action has been implemented within your organization.

Let us help you learn from the incidents in the workplace - to ensure that they do not reoccur.

Client CHS Agent Services

We provide CHS Agent services, in line with legal requirements, as per the Construction Regulations

Placement of full and part time OHS Officers

Let us place the right staff (for you) with you. Vetted and managed by LiveOHS management, each staff member is carefully chosen to provide the best services to meet your needs.

Assessment of other workplaces, schools, training facilities etc

LiveOHS provides a wide range of assessments and compliance strategies to serve your needs. Call us today to ask us about our custom-built plan for you.

"Your employees learn by example. If they don't see you practicing good safety habits, they wont think safety is important"


Our diverse team has a variety of skills and expertise, and has a combined business and Occupational Health and Safety experience of over 50 years.

Barry Hofert / Director Operations

After 19 years in the SANDF, and 19 more in a CA firm in various managerial positions, Barry has had many years of valuable experience. His involvement in LiveOHS began as a support to his son, Mike, and soon blossomed into a growing need for more hands-on attention in HR, building inspections, financials and directorship.

Barry’s many years of corporate and leadership experience, and passion for Health and Safety in the workplace, prove invaluable as he continues to grow LiveOHS in the day-to-day running of the business.

Mike Hofert / Part-Owner & Senior Manager

For many years, Mike worked as an ILS paramedic. During these years, he realised that there was a simple way to circumvent, and reduce, the number of injuries and incidents that paramedics attend to in the work place every day: by creating a safer work-place environment. He found himself exploring Occupational Health & Safety and, in time, his passion for helping people and keeping them safe drew him to conceptualize his dream - the founding of LiveOHS Management Services.

Brendon Vickers / Part-Owner & Senior Manager

What drew Brendon to OH&S? He liked the idea of interacting with different people, but Brendon’s main motivation was the feeling that came with knowing that it is through his structures, and the implementation of basic safety regulations, that he ensures the safe return of people to their homes every day - by reducing risks for workers on site.

Coming from a non-medical background, Brendon felt that his training was beneficial, but none of it compared to being on site and having to apply theoretical knowledge - by making it into something workable and practical, thereby benefitting people on a personal level.

Jacques Janse van Rensburg / OHS Officer

What drew Jacques to the OHS field?

Since Jacques began his studies, he was drawn to the construction industry. In OHS, he has the opportunity to prevent injury and ensure control and compliance on sites under his control.

‘JJ’ feels that working for a company like LiveOHS affords him the opportunity to expand his knowledge in the factory, construction and fitting industries and to experience a different type of consulting.

Our Clients Testimonials


“In the world of greenfield and brownfield projects, health and safety often dictates whether a project is delivered successfully or not. It is essential that the entire project team, from the client to sub-contractors, their artisans and trainees, are aware of what is required when working on live construction sites. Since working with Mike and the LiveOHS team, they have supported and further enhanced a culture of best practice health, safety and environment performance on all of our projects they have participated. The entire team has a deep knowledge and understanding of local HSE laws and regulations, while also remaining personable and approachable on the job site. They are able to apply their knowledge to varying client sites and projects, working well under pressure to ensure all requirements are delivered timeously and are legislatively sound.”

Richard Purser
JP Project Management

Auto Technology

“LIVE OHS can always be relied upon to be efficient and professional. Their attention to detail allows us to focus on management and the day-to-day running of our business, all while knowing that our employees are safe and sound. Live OHS always goes above and beyond what is required of them. We appreciate their logistical and coordinative input and help. "

Luke Zhang
Dalian Auto Tech Inc.

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Contact Us



Mike Hofert / Part-owner, Senior Manager

(W) 072 260 4334



Barry Hofert / Director Operations

(W) 082 377 8058